This new 7 month AHRC-funded project for impact and engagement aims to broaden public awareness of the long participation of women in engineering, in order to help normalise women’s position in the field.  The project works with the UK’s Women’s Engineering Society (WES) in its centenary activities, starting in June this year to mark 100 years since its founding June 23rd 1919.

The WES centenary project has three goals: to change the future, celebrate the present and remember the past of women in engineering. Our complementary AHRC project supports the third goal by sharing stories of women’s diverse collaborative roles in engineering since the late 19th century, thereby showing the many precedents for women’s future role in engineering.

Over the next seven months, the project team will deliver a schedule of nationwide public lectures in order to share the fresh narratives about women’s past participation in engineering to a range of audiences, including local history groups, universities, museums, libraries and local history organisations.  The lectures will be followed by open discussions and other activities.  The team will also be hosting creative writing activities and Wikithons, blogging and much more besides.

Want to get involved? Please get in touch on: We are open to invitations to host lectures or other events anywhere in the UK.

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