Here you will find sets of resources about the Electrifying Women project. You can use these resources to further your own research in this area and to continue our work by running your own sessions about the history of women in engineering.

Five videos and downloadable information sheets on five of the key themes from the Electrifying Women project: Collaboration; Resourcefulness; Innovation; Activism; Networking.

This pack contains the information you need if you are interested in:

  • Running your own events
  • Writing blog posts
  • Primary research

A selection of worksheets and resources for those interested in running their own creative writing workshops on the theme of women in engineering. The Electrifying Women creative writing anthology is also available to download.

A range of primary source packs to download for further research on the history of women in engineering (suitable for students).

A selection of videos about the history of women in engineering, including those produced by the Electrifying Women project and the WES Centenary project.

A selection of resources relating to the international perspective on women in engineering.

Further reading suggestions, including the Electrifying Women reading list.

Links to other websites with information about women in engineering.

Title image: WES conference, c.1929, courtesy of the IET archives