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Videos produced by the Electrifying Women project

Lady Katharine Parsons’s speech to the Victory Meeting, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 9th July 1919

This is a re-enactment of the speech given by Lady Parsons, produced by History’s Maid for the Electrifying Women project.

Lady Parsons gave this speech shortly after she and others had launched the Women’s Engineering Society on June 23rd 1919.

Can we interpret it as a part of a recruiting drive to increase the membership of WES?

A full transcript of the speech is available here.

Electrifying Women: 5 Key Themes

Five videos and downloadable information sheets on five of the key themes from the Electrifying Women project: Collaboration; Resourcefulness; Innovation; Activism; Networking.

Opening Electrifying Women talk at the Science Museum, 5 June 2019

Watch an introductory video to the Electrifying Women project filmed at the opening event at the Science Museum, London on the 5 June 2019. 

This video was produced for the project by Research Retold.

SHE: theatre production at the University of Leeds, November 2019

A play about the lives of women in engineering, commissioned by the Electrifying Women project and devised by University of Leeds students.

Education packs for KS3 and KS4 students relating to the performance are available in the Educational Source Packs.

Dramatic shorts produced by Electrifying Women, WES Centenary project and University of Leeds students

Eily Keary (performed by Maria North)
Peggie Morris (performed by Rhianna Malyn)
Victoria Drummond (performed by Lucy Johnson)

Dramatisations produced by the WES Centenary project with History’s Maid

Victoria Drummond

Verena Homes

Hilda Lyon

Caroline Haslett (two videos commissioned with Electrifying Women to celebrate her 125th birthday on 17th August 2020)

YouTube videos relating to women in engineering