Here you will find a list of our events and activities over the course of the project and beyond.

Saturday 22nd June 2019 – 2pmElectrifying Women: Celebrating a Century of Female Engineers. Free public lecture by Graeme Gooday – Book ticketsSanderson Room, Leeds Central Library, Leeds, LS1 3AB
Sunday 15th September 2019, 2-4pmHeritage Open Day: Creative Writing Workshop with Hannah Stone – More details here and book hereArmley Mills, Leeds
Tuesday 17th September 2019, 4-6pmHeritage Open Day: Archives Workshop – More details here and book here Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, Leeds
Saturday 21st September 2019 Heritage Open Day: Wikithon on women in engineering – Book tickets  LSE Women’s Library, London
Saturday 5th October 2019Creative writing workshop with Hannah Stone – Book tickets LSE Women’s Library, London

Remember to join us later for an #electrifyingwomen archives taster session @UoLTreasures @LeedsPRHS 4pm + free win……

@Showofstrength @LSELibrary @WESCentenary Not yet but this is definitely something we are looking into!

RT @WESCentenary: @WES1919 @thegentleauthor @SavetheWbf The Woman Engineer, Journal of @WES1919 has been published quarterly since 19……